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Night and Day

by Richie Reinholdt

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words and music by Richie Reinholdt


released June 11, 2011

guitars, mandolin, bass and vocals - Richie Reinholdt
drums - Bruce Threlkeld



all rights reserved


Richie Reinholdt Missoula, montana

BIO: "I played with a buncha bands.....I recorded a buncha albums..."


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Track Name: Lucky Stars
tossed a lot of coins into the well
wished upon a lot of stars that fell
but the only wish I made that came true
was finding you

spent a lot of nights in strangers arms
ignored a lot of obvious alarms
but the only waking sound that rang true
was finding you

I’ve wandered down so many different roads
looking for a dream come true
of all the choices that I’ve made
the rightest one was you

seen a lot of ships pass in the night
nothing ever felt right
no whispers in the dark came true
‘til I found you
Track Name: Home Now
headlights shine through speckled beams driving through the snow
lucid smells of velvet seats bathed in neon glow
almost home we’ll be there soon a few more miles to go
in chariots of chrome and steel down the road we go

sheepskin by the fireplace where sleeping dogs retire
papers on the porch by dawn the rising sun climbs higher
the sweet sweet smell of pancakes baking coffee’s warming glow
days create the future path down the road we go

weekend morning cartoons through time for making plans
tater salad olive thumbs baskets of the hand
soda pop and popsicles evening fireworks show
wash the grass stains off with bleach down the road we go

waking from this comfort dream the empty nest remains
a brand new life of college dorms and riding subway trains
it’s the next thing on the list practice letting go
take a giant step aside as down the road they go
you gotta take a giant step aside as down the road they go
Track Name: Make Her Mine
she’s running away she’s had enough
gotta have a taste of other stuff
he’s fooled around one last time
now’s the chance to make her mine

she’s always been a queen to me
day dreaming of what could be
magic nights of dark red wine
could be the chance to make her mine

mine to have and mine to hold
mine to shine like polished gold
mine forever and a day
mine forever and always

I’ve watched him treat her bad too long
now he’s gonna know what he did wrong
cause I’m gonna get her and treat her fine
that’s how I’m gonna make her mine

day by day all night long
we’re gonna sing sweet love songs
happy ‘til the end of time
cause I’m gonna make her mine
Track Name: Soft Hearts
soft hearts will shatter when touched by the frost
frozen hearts melt no matter the cost
melting hearts fused together as one
burning love hot as the sun

colder then stone frozen with pain
smothered by night drenched by the rain
but when the sun shines igniting desire
consuming reason in a funeral pyre

standing alone hiding in the shade
watching lovers march in their parade
left on the sidelines envy in their eyes
waiting for their turn to claim the prize

right before dawn blanketed with dew
soon comes morning shining through
love’s like a sunrise comfort and warm
chasing the shadows after the storm
Track Name: Talk To Me
you carve your name upon hearts with finger nails of steel
you hide behind your wall of stone surveying the field
with nine hundred seven ways to stumble and ensnare
queen of all your young domain the life you will not share

I want you but I need my sorrow
I need you now but not tomorrow
maybe later in a song you’ll be the one I need
but I’ve got another dream to feed

scenes from Greek tragedies you act out for yourself
a place for all discarded lovers right there on the shelf
easy loves for possessions not for faithful hearts
lives begin and end the same rent and torn apart

heads are dashed to melon softness on your rocky shore
towering above the storm a citadel’s reward
ramparts sheltering the tears shed when shadows fall
will no prince charming find the key to break down the walls

years go by with no relief no answer to your prayers
winters barely shining sun lights of northern glare
planned migrations seaside living speculative dreams
tumble though your open fingers tearing at the seams
Track Name: Opium
I’m just a blind moth to her love flame
I’m just a helpless victim to her fire
she pulls me onward beckoning forward
consuming me with desire

my reason’s incredibly numb
and I only wanna succumb
my predilection is for addiction
she might as well be called opium

railway stations and lunar landings
contemplating steamy nights
candles burning waltzes singing
exploding evening satellites

beneath aurora borealis
sacrifices to the northern lights
she dances softly singing love songs
to the altar of the night

comparing stag lines receding chances
for dancing with ancient deities
I can’t help feeling she’s just rejection
waiting to happen to me
Track Name: Blue Morning
riding waves of doubt weaving in and out
looking for a shiny clue
whether it’s night or day always the same way
it’s just different shades of blue

am I feeling numb or just playing dumb
tables turning in the night
rocky roads and carrying heavy loads
blurry lines ‘tween wrong and right

confusion rides taking sides
reason hides and slips away

dreams can show the way to a brighter day
or draw clouds across the sun
the path ahead filled with words unsaid
optimism on the run

stringing words together for the sake of rhyme
hoping to express this doubt
that all I hope to see might become part of me
just because I let it out

weaving in and trying to figure out
why things happen like they do
whether it’s night or day it’s always the same way
just different shades of blue
Track Name: Dream Noir
I’ve seen your face in a film noir
reruns from a broken dream
I’ve heard your voice all cross the sky
it never whispers my name
broken dreams go on so long
long after the dawn

I’ve seen that smile and those flashing eyes
plastered on the Berlin wall
I’ve felt your heart burning to the touch
long before the fiery fall
broken dreams called you away
as night stumbled into day

I’ve counted stars spelling out your name
in a thousand milky ways
I’ve seen the night tired of memories
calling for forgiveness as it prays
a faint perfume from your good bye
lingers on like the water in my eyes

I’ve watched you run across the universe
chasing shadows ‘cross the sun
I’ve seen this show seen it all before
glimpses of a special one
broken dreams can tell you lies
wispy clouds in a pastel sky

I’ve seen your face in a film noir
reruns from a broken dream
I’ve heard your voice all cross the sky
it never whispers my name
broken dreams last so long
long after the dawn
Track Name: Three A.M.
that mirror doesn’t ever look back
in front or behind a different track
what friends will see through the crack
is a mirror that never looks back

the shadow doesn’t follow anymore
it’s waiting for another to open the door
to let it out of it’s commitment to the floor
the shadow won’t follow anymore

sleep won’t last through the whole night
dreaming under a broken streeet light
letting go and holding on are having a fight
sleep won’t stay through just one night

can’t find a corner to crawl in
can’t find a hole to fall in

noxious banter drives the poison home
hurling venom well enough alone
cracking whips of meat hook off the bone
the herd can’t find it’s own way home
Track Name: Going Van Go
well I think I’m going van go
circling around the black hole
my ears are afraid of scissors

painting songs in my sleep
it’s a long way out of the deep
when you’re crawling on your belly like a lizard

feverish nights and demented days
everything I know becomes a haze
spinning around the abyss
I’m going clinical for sure this time

stumbling when I walk
mumbling when I talk
crossed eyes stuck to the floor

now the crew is abandoning ship
cause the captain’s losing his grip
crime scene tape on the door

I think I’m going van go
circling around the black hole
my ears are afraid of razors