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Pleasure Madness

by Richie Reinholdt

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released January 12, 2013

guitars / bass / mandolin / banjo / vocals - Richie Reinholdt
dobro - Andy Dunnigan
pedal steel guitar - Larry Chung & David Horgan
harmony vocals - Britt Arnesen
drums - Bruce Threlkeld , Ryan Vetos, Jeff "Duke" Kirschenmann, Abe Baruck



all rights reserved


Richie Reinholdt Missoula, montana

BIO: "I played with a buncha bands.....I recorded a buncha albums..."


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Track Name: Court Jester
smiles for all and all for one
or so it seems all in fun
slight of hand the tricks of the trade
lemons into lemonade

glad hand shaking the one it bites
the one that feeds him got’em in the sights
aiming higher then the tallest tale
the wind is up raise the sail

court jester, make ‘em smile
they all believe and have for a while
gather round one and all
when you hear the master call

most favored status loved by all
believes in none will not hear the call
of voices echoing from the past
back has turned to the shotgun blast

long time away and many worlds apart
bandaids for a broken heart
won’t mend the lonely space between
filthy rich or only squeaky clean
Track Name: Breaking My Heart
don’t go breaking my heart just because you can
you should know by now that I’m a jealous man
the way you’re running around it’s tearing me apart
just because you can don’t go breaking my heart

I’m the only one that seems to care
can’t you see, babe it just ain’t fair
don’t know where you are except not here
the same excuses are all I hear

you’re out every night and I’m walking the floor
waiting for you to stumble through the door
whiskey on your breath when you finally come home
your lipstick is smeared dress is tattered and torn
Track Name: Hollywood
fleeing from a broken home with a star studded plan
she reaches for the golden hills of the promised land
where visions of a privileged life live on a silver screen
determination drives her onward clutching at a dream

but Hollywood’s gilded sign is plated with despair
and a thousand shattered dreams are painted there

working at the diner buys a one room kitchenette
waiting for the lucky break that hasn’t happened yet
late night interviews on couches one step at a time
they parade them through the mill in a never ending line

her heart becomes a guarded prize a secret tucked away
a treasure locked behind a wall built up more each day
but the moat around her fortress is breached by a smile
a well rehearsed battle plan he’s done this for a while

he promises a screen test for his latest show
but when he gets what he wants he shows her to the door
so she spills all her lonesome tears in letters to the rain
and her childhood ambitions go spinning down the drain

broken hearted lessons posted on the wall
you gotta get back on the horse after you fall
so climbing high into the hills where the sign shines so bright
she pours out all her broken dreams upon it’s silver light

and though Hollywood’s gilded sign is plated with despair
one more shattered dream is painted there
Track Name: Night Train
it’s a sound of pain, hear the whistle wail.
it’s that midnight train, on a cold steel rail
with it’s clickety –clack marking time on track.
won’t bring him home, won’t bring him back.

that dark, eerie night night when it called him away
she held him close, and tried to make him stay
she kissed his lips, then sent him to his fate
neither one knew it meant heavens gate.

remembering when they met, his long golden hair
every girl around, seemed to turn and stare
now the silent rooms, and the empty wall
won’t say a thing, they don’t whisper at all.

her prayer sounds so hollow, and she can’t make it right
she waits for his ghost, to come in the night
she watches the moon, and waits by the door
listening for his footsteps, again on the floor
Track Name: Pictures
pictures painted by the spoken art
telling stories in rhyme
glimpsing deep into the private heart
the colors of a moment in time

illustrating fond desires and dreams
emotions weaving story lines
the melodic universal blending sound
containing consensual design

we find the answers to our prayers
in the choices we've made
hope grows in the heart
when all worry starts to fade

calling out for one more time around
begin and end the same way
that certain special cadence carries through
the handcuffs of time drift away

words strong enough to dry the tears
that eyes of sorrow spill in pain
contains the message spelled so clear
written on every drop of rain
Track Name: Hidden Dreams
with a suitcase full of memories in her arms
she hangs her broken heart on the wall
she’s leaving once again for the last time
from the door she hears the night time call

did she clean up all the tears scattered round
all the empty years she could find
are all the kitchen cupboards bare
did she leave just one kiss behind

lay back, and smile a lie
close your eyes and go to sleep
hush, hush just rest awhile
the dreams you hide will keep

he’ll check his little black book for a clue
all his broken promises unmasked
he’ll wonder which one stripped away
the veneer from his sordid past

the welcoming darkness takes her in
the night has always been her friend
it lays its’ cold hands on her heart
and becomes her lover once again
Track Name: Sessions
hot or cold you play the number
waking sound from sleep and slumber
notes cascading time and through
pleasure madness coming true
banter bouncing crowded walls
whiskey smoking barroom halls
force of habit strings along
bare emotions play along

night time day light sending tones
whisper shouting covered bones
splintered moments crashing down
chasing retro waking sounds

racing forward back in two
leading questions to the clue
giving phrasing to the time
lyric notions seeking rhyme
bending sliding through the scale
gentle breezes fill the sail
charting courses straight ahead
till vision appetites are fed

all illusions blend in time
give and take the chorus line
memories from other schemes
following melodic dreams
play away til morning light
notes rebounding from the night
collecting amber bottles spent
matching wisdom with intent
Track Name: Fly Away
run to him when you’re through with me
his arms always hold greater mystery
go ahead use me up like you always do
leave me dangling in misery

leave me standing here with my heart in my hands
like you’ve done so many times before
he’s always lurking there down heartbreak avenue
waiting for the slamming of my door

I’ve seen that look in your eyes a thousand different ways
the one that always screams goodbye
I know where you go with such obvious intent
right back to his sugar coated lies

go ahead and walk away don’t bother coming back
you know how much I mean what I say
just like every other time you’ve gone running to him
I always take you back any way
Track Name: Blue #2
blue afternoon, heartaches contagious
I come down with the blues
every time that you call

blue afternoon keep flirting with danger
always trying to drag me down when you fall

you left me too soon, your kisses denied me
loving deprived me on a blue afternoon

blue afternoon you memory haunts me
your picture taunts me your touch lingers on
blue afternoon morning’s no better
my mind’s filled with gloom each day that you’re gone

blue afternoon, heartaches contagious
I come down with the blues
every time that you call
blue afternoon can’t keep from crying
no use denying it’s as blue afternoon
can’t keep from crying on this blue afternoon
Track Name: Six Strings
I’ve walked this lonesome road a thousand miles or more
looking for the way back to your heart
everything I’ve done has been with blinders on
and I never thought we’d drift this far apart

a prisoner of my dreams that’s the way it seems
and I’m the one that’s locked me in here
spending the night with the only friends in sight
three chords six strings and a beer

kicking rusty cans wringing dirty hands
looking for a piece of amnesty
they all warned me of this path this road to regret
walking hand and hand with misery

and now I’m out here on my own can’t find my way home
all I have left is this guitar
and I‘ll be here all night long singing until dawn
trading songs with the morning star

a prisoner of my dreams that’s the way it seems
and I’m the one that’s locked me in here
spending the night with the only friends in sight
three chords six strings and a beer
yeah this guitar‘s gonna get me oughta here