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Shelf Life

by Richie Reinholdt

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released December 9, 2009

Richie Reinholdt - electric and acoustic guitars, bass and lead vocals
Bruce Threlkeld - drums, harmony vocals
Ryan Vetos - drums
Marc Clarke - drums
Larry Chung / David Horgan - pedal steel guitar
Dan Funsch - accordion
Al Cantrell - fiddle
Jim Rogers - keyboards



all rights reserved


Richie Reinholdt Missoula, montana

BIO: "I played with a buncha bands.....I recorded a buncha albums..."


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Track Name: Split The Sheets
when things fall apart that were broken long ago
there’s boxes on the lawn filled with clothes
pawned guitars and memories
out in the streets when you split the sheets

kids in the middle of a tug-o-war
ripped wide open salt in the sore
restraining orders and flashing lights
out in the streets when you split the sheets

rip ‘em tear ’em into shreds
pull ‘em off all the beds
dirty laundry on the line
hung out to dry for a long long time

cast iron sticks and cold hard stones
breaking hearts and crushing bones
trying to wash away years of tears
out in the streets when you split the sheets

expensive lawyers and contracts torn in two
once was a home now a zoo
with vengence running wild out of it’s cage
out in the streets when you split the sheets

Track Name: The Wind
Don’t ask the wind to remember your name
Don’t ask it when it’s coming back again
Just let it go you’ll never hold it anyway
Goes where it will with nothing to say

Memories moving time
All desires left behind
But golden years slip away
Into the arms of yesterday

Tomorrow’s face turns away
With no advice for today
But the howling wind whispers by
Spreading lies across the sky

On it’s way to nowhere
No need for joy or despair
Only time and sheer force of will
Restive dreams never standing still
Track Name: Fading Photographs
fading photographs holding on to memories
telling stories of the past
scenes from younger days and seasons rushing by
yes time goes by so fast
childhood toys and traded christmas presents
faces changing with the years
rocker bear and a tree full of promise
encapsuling joy and tears

scenes of you and me and all our life together
through the good and the bad
stronger then the time we’ll last forever
on fading photographs

summertime excursions where the buffalo roam
picnic lunches in the sun
winter snows seen from a picture window
and favorite dogs on the run
big jet planes carrying long ago vacations
holding on to daddy’s hand
stargate in the rain and beaches wedding chapel
waves stealing footprints from the sand


looking back through all these fading images
telling stories from the past
living on long after we’ve gone
yes time goes by so fast
Track Name: Skeeter
Skeeter left one broken night in 1989
He tossed a Jim Beam bottle at the city limits sign
In a stolen car, with a wad of cash heading towards the dawn
Fortified by holy pills the road goes on and on

Skeeter’s going home tonight one way or another
He’s calling up all of his imaginary lovers
Dialing wrong numbers bending strangers ears
Pleading amnesty for all his wasted years

Dad awoke to the slamming of the rusty screen door
Mama found her empty jewerly box on the floor
Too late to try and stop him he’s no time for regret
The only thing he’s looking for is how to forget

Those Dallas nights keep creeping back in waves of tragedy
Was it Jane or Marylou the face he always sees
The dampness of her tears yank his memory chain
Another stolen heart along with all her pocket change

Skeeter’s taking refuge where the dirty laundry hides
Serenaded on the couch to the buzzing of the flies
While moon beams dance through broken windows
something calls him home
The sleeping vagabond takes his final ride alone
Track Name: Cold Moon
this madness of the moon is crushing down on me like lead
it’s piercing silver beam is stirring doubt around my head
long before this night began it was oh so very close
grinding through my consciousness like heavy velvet dope

moon go away leave me alone
find some other manic heart to chill cold as stone

my thoughts give way to sacrifice and second guessing trash
wasting too much time on sad emotional rehash
spears of false rejection and self imposed denial
cleaves my flesh to monuments of wounded souls on trial


how can I turn the other cheek when both are black and blue
and all I see around me are nightmares coming true
where rabid social dogs with vengeful jaws are chasing me
and branding me with sores of festering animosity


my only way home is through clouds of tragedy
believing that salvation lies in what others think of me
and wanting adulation for imaginary tones
dulcet incantations of repetitious groans


by sunrise I’ll be waiting for redemption from the night
when lunar visions traded me for scorching golden light
and only it’s reflection glancing off the mirrored pond
offers any warning of similar nights to come

Track Name: Overboard
I’ve forgotten who I am
can’t remember my face
in this place where youth is king
and join together in their need
the appetites of hunger days
guess I’ve fallen overboard

I’ve forgotten my place
to keep my vision downward still
and remember not to need
or want what can’t be reached
the desire to resurrect
cause I’m falling overboard

I can’t hear the call of the wild
the roaring sound compelling young
to chase incessant circle squares
forsaking feelings honor bound
and cycle back through age and time
cause I’m falling overboard
Track Name: Everywhere
what took so long to reach me suddenly so clear
the lady pilot bathes me in her smoky tears
sings her name in metaphors across the sky
holding sunset in her hair everywhere

blacklisted in my home town no avenue remains
the streets have all rolled up at night denying me my name
glory days forgotten by everyone but me
insanity without a care everywhere

I’m not a tornado but a psyclone I have been
this book you must read to me this drama that I’m in
my hands have all been blown away taken by the wind
and if I was the moon tonight I might see you again

four wheel songs by morning light to work and home we go
never even hear her name on the radio
a castle I would build for her were I a younger man
but the moat fills with despair everywhere

grammar and intention tangled up in vain
stifled in creation ideas fall like rain
my lessons in direction never quite sink in
she tries to show me how to fly my wings fold up again

crippled hands and photographs are all that remain
reflections in a cloudy mirror memories are the same
the deer invade my consciousness and trample down my wall
and the pilot’s on the air everywhere
Track Name: Vacuum
life in a vacuum filled with dusty air
some paper from the bathroom
and some lumps of doggy hair
rubberbands and thumb tacks too
there’s always so much to do

life in a vaccum hepa filter style
with improved cyclonic action
even on linoleum tile
self propelled and upright too
there’s always so much to do

plug it in turn it on
across the floor dirt is gone
see the doggy run for cover
watch those cats collide with each other

life in a vacuum always safe and warm
comfort in the darkness shelter from the storm
personal fun the whole day through
there’s always so much to do
Track Name: Beefaload
thunder in the night woke me from a dream
the longest line of bull I’ve ever seen
stretching out to eternity beefaload again
shook the walls it was raining so hard
ran out and rolled up the windows in my car
pitter-patter brain splatter concrete drops beefaload again

gimme a sign to believe in
a one way ticket home
and a room I can breath in
with an empty telephone

I heard a rumour of an empty pedastool
room at the top for the lucky fool
that can write a song with a clever hook beefaload again
the rules are always written in the rain
critical mass again and again
if you’re not a hottie get oughta the way beefaload again


sticks in the skin pain skull tatoos
polish up the shine with a bottle of booze
shave your head with a crosscut saw beefaload again
gimme what’s mine and most of yours too
out with the old in with the new
midnight falsehood public tragedy beefaload again


just be a slave to the star machine
get your picture in people magazine
sell your soul to the record company beefaload again
hands and fists raised in praise
take what you want from the deli trays
star crossed zombies pledging their love beefaload again

Track Name: Gee Whiz
once a bison came from San Francisco
and took the train to Butte Montana
then it met up with a monkey
they had a picnic down by the river

they ate a plate lunch meat and crackers
then the monkey said I love you
and the bison fell asleep on the laundry
and climbed the mountain named after a mushroom

the monkey picked up all the sauerbraten
and made a christmas postcard for his mother
the monkey called his friendship poison bison
and began to eat a salamander

the bison left him there to seek his porridge
and roam as bison often do
the monkey found a small encrusted rodent
and began to offer him a cupcake

they always will remember the springtime
when daisies folded over with a promise
to never leave the place where they were standing
the poison bison and the friendship monkey