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The Sound of Her Smile

by Richie Reinholdt & The Acousticals

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released April 30, 2009

acoustic guitar, mandolin lead vocals - Richie Reinholdt
mandolin - Chad Fadely
upright bass, harmony vocals - Ted Lowe
upright bass - Jeff (Duke) Kirschenmann
harmony vocal - Bruce Threlkeld



all rights reserved


Richie Reinholdt Missoula, montana

BIO: "I played with a buncha bands.....I recorded a buncha albums..."


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Track Name: Herself
she hears with her eyes feels her way through the stars
with her head in the clouds she knows who you are
she’s a timepiece of fate calling your name
and I always think I’m to blame

she gives no clues of sacrificial detail
her beauty is your penance like blood inside the grail
she has seven santos candles lighting the way
and I forgot how to pray

she runs like a deer with her feet by her side
her only companions along for the ride
the sound of her smile echos in the rain
and I’m searching for her again

she always remains on her own separate shelf
she keeps all her refreshments strictly to herself
if you ask for sip you’ll only get a wink
and I’m always begging for a drink

she never gives away a single crust of bread
her own appetites are safe in her head
they only satisfy her need for restraint
and I’m just a prisoner of complaint

she walks the fine line between security and doubt
her desires remain imprisoned straining to get out
her fortitude continues completly intact
and I’m just a matter of fact
Track Name: Insanity
She’d never know I was alive unless I died in her arms
And texted the news to her Blackberry
She’d never hear my screaming heart if it was calling on the line
Speed dialing her continually

Oh insanity
That’s what it must be
What she does to me
To me

She’s tall enough to notice, pretty hard to miss
Bright enough to see right through me
Sharp as a knife her beauty cuts like an axe
Swinging straight for the family tree

She’d never recognize my name if it was written in the stars
And I stole the dark from the night
Send an instant message to her myspace page
And signed it Emperor Dynamit
Track Name: Closing Time
Well it’s late and I’m drowning in the corner
With a half-empty bottle in my hand
Talking trash and making threats to linoleum
Tee shirts torn and a mouth full of sand

When midnight rolls around you’ll find me up town
‘Neath the glow of a Miller Highlife sign
Right up until last call I’ll be arguing with the wall
And counting the drinks ‘til closing time

Since she’s gone I’m spending bottom dollars
Seeing the world through the bottom of a glass
It’s a grand tour of booze from A to Z
Walking down lonely streets of my past

Blurry faces glaring back from the mirror
Behind bottles standing guard at the bar
Rolling eyes and clinching teeth in celebration
Like those pickled eggs they keep in a jar

She’s not only gone she’s forgotten
Every time I lift a glass and curse her name
It’s good riddance to bad rubbish that’s for certain
Another round and I’ll forget her again

When midnight rolls around you’ll find me up town
‘Neath the glow of a Miller Highlife sign
Right up until last call I’ll be arguing with the wall
And counting the drinks til closing time
Yeah I’ll be right here ‘til closing time
Track Name: The Last To Know
The walls get closer every morning
Closing in ‘til I lay me down to sleep
The stones collect the breath of angels
Steel bars my soul to keep
Everytime we’d come to town
She was always hanging around
At first it was a wink and a smile
But that memory stayed with me for a while

They told me long ago
Time passes so slow
And although love needs room to grow
When lovers leave you’ll be the last to know

Even though we courted off and on
I could never seem to hold her for long
But my need for her was to dear
To let another man come near
So I followed her footprints from town
Leading through the snow on the ground
I heard a moan in the barn
Her flesh was melting in his arms

A deep winters cold had chilled the land
But not as cold as the blade in my hand
Steam rose from the blood in her chest
As I yanked my knife from her breast
Now from my cell window I can see
The short walk to my eternity
A new scaffold for me to climb aboard
And a hangman’s noose for my reward
Track Name: Happiness
Busy lives happy hands
Current styles making plans
Washing clothes and wearing skin
Breathing out and breathing in

Happiness waits for no one
Comes and goes takes its time
Somewhere between joy and sorrow
Satisfaction draws a line

Making friends paying rent
Dinner dates money spent
Eagles fly spirits soar
Can we just have a little more

Socrates and his mom
TV dinners on the lawn
Rituals in paradise
It’s such a chore being nice

Oh, you can’t hold a memory
Without reflective history
The remainder of a smile
Only lingers for a while
Track Name: Don't Ask The Wind
Don’t ask the wind to remember your name
Don’t ask it when it’s coming back again
Just let it go you’ll never hold it anyway
Goes where it will with nothing to say

Memories moving time
All desires left behind
But golden years slip away
Into the arms of yesterday


Tomorrow’s face turns away
With no advice for today
But the howling wind whispers by
Spreading lies across the sky


On it’s way to nowhere
No need for joy or despair
Only time and sheer force of will
Restive dreams never standing still

Track Name: Beauty
A beacon of beauty that’s what you are
Shining from heaven my guiding star
Light up my night time and all day through
Til kingdom come I’ll be loving you

You whisper my name so sweet in my ear
Saying those things I long to hear
Just tell me you love me like I know you do
Through all this world’s troubles our love will stay true

When you hold my hand I feel so at home
And when I’m away I’m never alone
With you by my side I’m 20 feet tall
Walk with me darling til the master calls

Dreams of perfection as good as can be
Just like the love you give to me
The face of an angel no man can deny
I never worry or wonder why
Track Name: Disappear
the invisible man has hit the ground but no one saw him fall
he’s taken his 99 bottles of beer and put them back on the wall
his collection of stamps and postcards somehow remain intact
although his friends and relatives want their birthday presents back

he wasn’t always like this but somehow through the years
he learned the art of transparency
watch him disappear

the invisible man bides his time waiting to reappear
14 journalists stand on guard watching his career
reporting imaginary tales cause they can’t see him at all
he knows they strain to catch a glimpse hoping that he’ll fall

he’s coveting his collection of shiny silver stars
attached to his collar along with all the scars
from countless nights in service to the teaming mass
of sinners and redeemers emptying their glass

invisible to everyone are his own desires
including his addiction of nearness to the fire
burning with a passion consuming flames of light
shining through his shadow as bright as any night
Track Name: Cheezy Wheel
deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle dee
deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle dee
deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle dee
deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle dee
Track Name: Bacon
You can take him for a walk you can take him to the show
You can take him anywhere he might wanna go
Take him to the vet and bring him home again
Bacon is a dog’s best friend

You can feed him burger you can feed him spam
You can feed him science diet made with chicken and lamb
Purina dog chow again and again
Bacon is a dog’s best friend

Ask what he wants and he’ll only wag his tail
Maybe bark out loud at the man that brings the mail
Milkbones come and go but through thick and thin
Bacon is a dog’s best friend

Take a random survey at the Dog Town dance
A fried chicken leg or a sniffing romance
Dog of the Rings at the mansion again
Bacon is a dog’s best friend